Solitude Rescues From Collective Isolation

Holy Spirit: Beloved, what else has Solitude given you?

Beloved: Don’t you already know? As the animating life force of all things, I’d think that you would…

Holy Spirit: Ha, “animating-life-force-of-all-things”—it has a nice ring to it. And, yes, I do know. The better question is, do you?

Beloved: Hehe, I got a little sci-fi on you for a minute. Well, Solitude canvasses my desires with me. This, in turn, charts a path for me to marshal my will through the skill of being still.

Holy Spirit: You know, befriending Solitude was nothing new to Jesus. He was a pro at dashing off with Solitude into the certainty of uncertainty. He got good at finding Solitude before she came looking for him.

Beloved: At this point, it’s nothing new to me patently, that is. Underneath the surface, however, Solitude always has something fresh for me to uncover, to discover, to behold. I look to Jesus to learn how to go looking for Solitude. And I’ve learned to admire her quirks.

Holy Spirit: Quirks are Our version of Easter eggs that expose an existential secret…normal isn’t a thing.

Beloved: Here’s are some of them. She has an uncanny way of announcing herself in silence. Popping up during stillness is her MO. She likes to be found out and, when I do, I invariably find out more about me. Solitude rescues me from the swarming masses of collective isolation. She sets me up for authentic connection by helping me to rid the junk that isolates me from me.

Holy Spirit: Yes, Solitude is the friend that helps you befriend yourself.

Beloved: And when I’m adept at befriending myself, I’m better at befriending someone else.

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