Solitude is a Generous Friend

Beloved: When I’m by myself, I’ve learned that I am befriending Solitude.

Holy Spirit: Interesting; yes, Solitude is a generous companion. However, far too many avoid getting to know Solitude. Some are so hypnotized by the constant cry to be “social” rather than connected that they pass her by. Some who notice her push her away thinking she’s Loneliness in disguise.

Beloved: I feel for them. Sometimes, I still am them. But I’ve learned that when I’m with Solitude, I’m receiving an opportunity to inspect the thoughts renting space inside my head.

Holy Spirit [rhetorically]: Awe, that’s prime real estate. How precious are the many miles of the mind?

Beloved: Very. I reacquaint myself with the ones that remind me about who I am and whose I am. I get to ponder good ideas into great ones and let go of the rest. And I get to evict the squatters, you know—poor assumptions, misperceptions, conflations, confabulations, and the like—the thoughts that want to run a coupe against my identity in you.

Holy Spirit: Rushing thoughts present a prickly conundrum. That’s another thing that keeps people running from Solitude, not towards her. It can be tempting to think that Solitude will drown you in the raging current of notions. In fact, she wants to empower you to direct the streams of your consciousness.

Beloved: You’re not kidding. Solitude likes to take me to the places where my emotions are running wild. She’s patient to show me how to tame them and frame them. This way, my feelings help me to experience life in high definition rather than hold my life captive in abstraction.

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