Meet the Founder

Trust me – you could see that I had it from an early age. Yes, I had the story bug; you couldn’t miss it. This, paired with my thirst to understand life’s mysterious complexities, has lead me down more eclectic paths than you could expect.

But make no mistake. Through and through, you’ve found a storyteller and adventurer of the enigma that is life. And this is me pioneering a content revival about the power, majesty, and mystery of union and communion with God: Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Abba.

Join me on a mission to help peculiar people like you embody their full inheritance. Discover the wonder of an overlooked truth: Sweet intimacy with God is the most important aspect of your life – the gift of a life well lived. And do so through the medium of story.

There’s just something about a story. Something that awakens you. Something that grabs you. Something that moves you. Story is something that connects you across time, place, and head-space.

You don’t just tell stories; stories tell you.

So, let me tell you a story or two, or ten…million. Let them empower you to grab a hold of insights to a richer consecrated life. Or, at the very least, let them take you on one epic of a ride.

Until next time,
D. N. Reeves
Founding Director & Head Gwythusist

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