Lead With “C”

Gwythus is here to enrich you through creative media so that you lead a life marked my courage, communion, communitas, communication, and commission.


Personal narrative fosters the vulnerability that spurs you on to live a courageous life. Gwythus helps you to embraces its power.

Indeed, testimony is a runway to individual and collective fellowship with God. By sharing stories about experiencing God from a personal point-of-view, Gwythus seeks imbue Godโ€™s closeness to you into creative media.

Gwythus is here to create courageous content that nurtures grit and grace in your life set a part for God.


You exist to abide with God. It can be easy to overlook the simplexity of this truth.

But Gwythus lets you relish it deeply. And Gwythus aims to inspire you via content alive with the reality that God is not playing an impossible game of hide-and-seek. He is not distant or detached, puppeteering you and creation from afar. God is near.

You can find your home in God as Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Abba make their home in you. Gwythus is here to unleash this oft-forgotten revelation into your life.


Your God-given spiritual DNA thrives where community meets solidarity (communitas).

You fill a sacred and intimate role in God’s family – a family in which there are no favorites, no clean and unclean, no insiders and outsiders, no haves and have-nots.

Gwythus is here to create a culture of content that connects you to fellow peculiar people with whom you can share burdens, celebrate triumphs, grow, and experience God together.


Communicating with God through prayer, creative expression, and the seemingly ordinary moments of life is a part of your inheritance. You can live with the expectation that God delights to chat with you.

God formed you to join Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Abba in a holy dance of call-and-response. And Gwythus is here to cultivate content rooted in the truth that God does not speak to you as mere servant but as family.


God wants to partner with you to make disciples who make disciples. Gwythus seeks to create media that stirs you to be all-hands-on-deck; to use the ordinary to do the extraordinary; and to flip the impossible into the possible.

The stories that Gwythus stewards encourages you to come out of hiding and shine brightly. Gwythus is here to empower you to dig deep wells in God and sustain a commitment to His commission with confidence that He is the reward.

The Gwythus Cs

This is Gwythus–a renaissance producing peculiar content that’s rooted in courage, communion, communitas, conversation, and commission. It’s a movement for peculiar people about “God With Us” because God is, indeed, with you.

Meet the Founder

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