Get In On Gwythus

It’s like, one day, God hugged me and whispered, “I’m working on a project. Wanna join me?” And, now, you can get in on it too.

Here’s how you can.

Pray It Forward

A venture without prayer is like a garden without fertilizer: it won’t go or grow far. You may have heard of the phrase “pay it forward.”

Here, it’s crucial that you pray it forward. You can advance this revival of peculiar content for peculiar people by praying that:

  • Gwythus produces content in partnership with Holy Spirit;
  • Gwythus nurtures intimacy with Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit;
  • Gwythus fosters courage, communion, communitas, conversation, and commission;
  • Gwythus imparts restoration and bestows shalom;
  • Gwythus helps people wade into the majesty of God’s mystery;
  • Gwythus shows Holy Spirit and spiritual maturity to be captivatingly accessible;
  • Gwythus makes spiritual realities intriguingly persuasive;
  • Gwythus imparts keen encouragement, exhortation, and consolation;
  • The best content reaches people at the best time in the best way; and
  • Current and forthcoming media (e.g., e-books, podcasts, music, screenplays) would prosper.

Thanks! By praying it forward, you will help keep Gwythus moving forward.


You’re officially a communitas ambassador for Gwythus. Yay!

Guess whatโ€ฆthere’s nothing quite like good ol’ word-of-mouth.

So tell a friend about Gwythus. Better yet – tell a friend to tell a friend about Gwythus too.

Remember, sharing is caring. So thanks for caring by sharing!

Gwythus Stories

Be courageous. Share your creativity.

Explore the majesty and mystery of union and communion with Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Abba through a story.

If you’ve got a short story, then Gwythus can be a place for you to impart it. Just think — somebody is waiting to be touched by your creative expression.

Gwythus is here to give your story a chance to shine for God’s glory. So use the submission form to send it along.

Get the opportunity for Gwythus to feature your Gwythus Story online!

Social Media

Keep up with Gwythus on the interwebs!

Connect with D. N. Reeves on Facebook and Instagram (@D.N.Gwythusist).

And spread the Gwythus love with the appropriate handles and hashtags.

Gwythus Central

*Coming Soon*

Access to the private hub for peculiar people like you for free.

Develop relationships with fellow gwythusists. Keep up with the Head Gwythusist, De’Siree.

And grow through times of activation, reflection, creative expression, and more!

Thanks, thanks, and more thanks โ€“ Gwythus is here for people like you!

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