fire come(s) in waves

there’s fresh Fire coming
carried in the Wind
but we are not Afraid
there’s Fresh fire coming
crashing in torrents, sweeping Waves
but we welcome the Blaze
we stand with Roots wide
Arms stretched high

come fire, Come in the wind
make these Sleeping Giants live again
bring glory in the Blaze
Surface our stories in the waves
free new life from the Decay
herald gardens from the Graves

(1) Pixabay from Pexels || (2) Pixabay from Pexels

liquid Fire’s coming
flowing with the wind
we long for the flame
Liquid fire’s coming
rushing in Torrents, dancing waves
but we are not Petrified
we stand roots Intertwined
we stand palms to the Sky

Come fire, come in the wind
make these sleeping Giants Live again
bring Glory in the blaze
surface our Stories in the waves
free new Life from the decay
herald Gardens from the graves

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