Discover Gwythus

Gwythus is a renaissance producing peculiar content for peculiar people – like you.

Why? Well, because God sees you. God knows you. God loves you.

There’s more.

See. Know. Love…

You have incredible capacity to see God; to know God; to love God too.

But there are fierce factors at work that want nothing more than to keep you from harnessing your God-given power to be with God and God to be with you.

Gwythus is advancing a vision in which disciples immerse themselves in the mutual dance of seen-known-loved with God.

A story-driven project, Gwythus co-creates content with the best Content Creator that there ever was, is, and will be — God.

Peculiar Content for Peculiar People

Explore. Discover. Learn…

With Gwythus you’ll explore the majesty and mystery of union and communion with God: Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Abba Father.

You’ll discover how engaging with Holy Spirit and understanding latent realities is captivatingly accessible.

And you’ll learn to lead a life of courage, communion, communitas, creative expression, and commission.

Speaking of the Gwythus Cs, you’re welcome to dig into what they are. Gwythus believes it’s important to lead with “C.”

So go ahead — read the Cs.

Read the Cs

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