Choose Honor

Thanks for being here and for being you. Gwythus wouldn’t be the same without you. Being a part of the Gwythus community means that you choose honor.

The content on this website, and related Gwythus media, provide encouragement, exhortation, or consolation.

All of it’s rooted in love. All of it’s rooted in beauty. All of it’s rooted in honor.

There’s always the power to choose between honor and dishonor. When you’re at a crossroads, below are some ways that you can choose honor instead.

Plagiarism Harms

Please refrain from copying my words, whether in digital, print, or oral form, and using them as your own.

Instead, include my name, wrap my words between quotation marks, and drop a link to the correct page, post, or source.

No One Likes Being Confused

Please avoid confusing people on social media by using or rewording my content without giving me credit.

Instead, use quotation marks (if you’re quoting my work); add Gwythus’ handle (@Gwythus) or the Founder’s handle (@desiree.gwythusist); and share the content that’s resonated you.

Hashtags are great too! (e.g., #thisisgwythus, #gwythuswithus, #gwythusist, #gwythusoriginal, #lettersamongus, #gwythusverse, gwythuslist)

Name It ~ Don’t Claim It

Please desist from making videos or audio recordings based on my material and claiming them as your own.

Instead, include my name, my social media handle (desiree.gwythusist), Gwythus’ web address, and Gwythus’ social media handle (@Gwythus).

Inspiration Over Compensation

Please abstain from putting my content on t-shirts, mugs, art, cards and other physical or digital items for personal or financial gain.

Instead, you’re welcome quote the content that has inspired you on printed or digital posters for personal use or to share with a relative, friend, co-worker, or small group.

Just be sure to include my name , my social media handle (desiree.gwythusist), Gwythus’ web address, and Gwythus’ social media handle (@Gwythus).

Seek Advice

If you find yourself at a fork-in-the-road and you’re unsure about what to do, feel free to reach out via the contact form.

It’s always better to seek advice or permission before choosing dishonor.

Again, thanks for being the only you they’ll ever be. And thanks for choosing honor.

Until next time,
De’Siree N. Reeves
Founder & Head Gwythusist

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